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Mertz Canyon Ranch

Ozona, TX

42 Lots Available

Starting From $134,522

Crockett County

Dillon Herchman512-964-4749

Property Description

13 miles South of Ozona on Cr 106 is the Mertz Canyon Ranch. This sprawling property offers easy access, amazing views, great cover, and exceptional wildlife. Terrain will vary from high mesas with big views to bottom canyons covered in massive oak trees. Wildlife includes whitetail, turkey, hogs, dove, quail, and various free ranging exotics. Parcels Range from 75 acres to 350 acres.

Lots & Prices

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
19-ELEC 119.69 227,411
29-ELEC 80.43 156,838.50
36-ELEC - 1/3WELL 88.41 212,184 -Pending AO 5/28

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