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Rock House Ranch

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Terrell County

Dillon Herchman512-964-4749

Property Description

Rock House Ranch, a short distance west of the high bridge over the Pecos River, is located in an area full of Texas History and the remnants of the indigenous people that once called this unique region home. The rolling terrain is accented by two tributary drainages of Cedar Creek & Malvado Canyon providing habitat and landscape diversity. Location: Rock House Ranch is located on the North side of US Highway 90 just 24 miles west of Langtry, Texas and 12 miles east of Dryden, Texas in the southeastern quadrant of Terrell County. Habitat, Rangeland & Topography: The landscape consists of a mixture of Edwards Plateau and gently rolling Chihuahuan Desert providing habitat and rangeland for wildlife and livestock alike. Wildlife includes Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Aoudad, Turkeys, Javelina, Hogs, Quail, Dove, and a variety of predators. To the south, across the Rio Grande River, the view is a stunning panorama of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains in Mexico. Call Today to set up your very own appointment to view this amazing West Texas property.

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
3 - Well & Elec (METER) 347.669 281,001
5 - Elec 293.009 203,641
6 218.836 142,243
7 142.007 92,304
16 - Electric 181.522 126,157
21 192.607 125,194
22 294.71 191,561
36 - Well & Electricity 214.697 161,022
38 - Electricity 210.632 146,389

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