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Wolf Springs Ranch

Hwy 1024 north of Comstock

9 Lots Available

Starting From $48,803

Val Verde County

Dillon Herchman512-964-4749

Property Description

Wolf Springs Ranch is located in Val Verde County 13.5 miles north of Comstock on Highway 1024. Comstock is about 24 miles northwest of Del Rio on U.S. 90. The terrain on the ranch is rolling hills with wide valleys intersected with dry arroyos. Vegetation on the ranch includes mesquite, hackberry, cedar, wild persimmon and other native brush and grass species. There is a very large and healthy whitetail population on the ranch and the surrounding area. Other game found on the ranch includes Rio Grande turkey, javelina, blue quail, as well as the typical small game and predators found throughout Texas. Area attractions include Seminole Canyon State Park, Lake Amistad and Lake Amistad National Recreation Area. Twenty and thirty year owner financing will be available on all tracts in the ranch with as little as 5% down. Qualified veterans can also use their Texas Veterans Land Board Loan to purchase property. Call or email today to see this scenic Texas ranch.

Lots & Prices

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
20 60.58 $90,870
44 74.30 $122,595
45 40.42 $60,630
46 67.17 $100,968

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